We have listened to Mat and Savanna Shaw on Pandora Radio on occasion and we have often hit the replay button not knowing anything about them or the backstory of their singing. This remarkable Daddy/Daughter duo started singing in the beginning of Covid—recording from a closet in their home or from their living room. I had to watch 12 or more of their YouTube videos to decide which one to feature. What I love the most about this dynamic, beautiful duo is the love they share with each other through their eyes. It moves me so deeply.

They really had no idea when they sang a duet of The Prayer that it would go viral and they would garner nearly 10 million views from a half-frame small video they shot in their home. It showed that people needed to be lifted. They needed to see real Daddy/Daughter love. They were drawn in by their tight harmonies and their pure voices. Both Savanna’s voice and Mat’s voice delightfully surprise me when they open their mouths. They just sing so extremely well together—you can hear the genetic resonance of their tones—it just lifts my soul. They say in their promotional sites that they love to Share Hope and Spread Joy. Well, you two, you are doing a great job and I love every one of your pieces I’ve listened to. Thank you, a thousand times! It’s no wonder you have gathered scores of millions of views on your videos. You deserve every view—and millions more.

Quoting from Wikipedia: “The Shaws have received substantial media attention including on Good Morning AmericaThe Kelly Clarkson Show, and a show in Japan.[4] The New York Times‘s Jon Caramanica said the duo “became a quarantine-era YouTube success story for their acoustic duets of religious-esque songs that were pinpoint precise, verging on stern”.”

I chose Breath of Heaven (an Amy Grant song) to feature them because I’ve always loved this song and they nail it beautifully on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Please relax and fall in love with Mat and Savanna as I did.