We have had long association with the Tabernacle Choir as Maurine wrote the Spoken Word for 15 years. They used to send us the music for that particular week’s broadcast that she was to create a message for. We had stacks and stacks of music in our home from the choir.

We have interviewed Mack Wilberg and found him to be a most unassuming, humble man. He was raised in Emery County, Utah in the town of Castle Dale. He really couldn’t come from a more obscure place and yet he started playing the piano at age four and had a gift for composition early on. We can always tell when his compositions are being performed as they just have his signature all over them. Mack is one of the most talented composers in the world right now. His music is used in choral groups, choirs, colleges and universities across the United States and throughout the world.

This week’s featured YouTube video is the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra performing Mack Wilberg’s composition of one of our favorite hymns, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Give yourself a relaxing treat and be uplifted as you listen to this. Go ahead. Take six minutes off and listen to and watch this! You are guaranteed to be inspired!