Maurine and I have been around GENTRI a number of times and have always been lifted and inspired by their harmonies, their energy, and their purity. Brad Robins, Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever are amazing musicians and vocalists. We have seen them at the Hale Center Theater (Casey nailed Jean Valjean in Les Mis like we’ve never seen before—and we have seen Colm Wilkinson!). This group just charms us. We listen to their station on Pandora all the time.

GENTRI is short for “The Gentlemen Trio” and was established in June of 2014. They also have a remarkable fourth member of the group, Stephen Nelson, who in an award-winning composer, arranger and producer. GENTRI has released four EP’s and three full length albums, the most recent being a Christmas album, “Season of Light.” Almost all of GENTRI’s albums have reached #1 on various Billboard charts.

The Gents are known for their award-winning music videos which have been featured on news outlets around the world. Their music videos have amassed over 200 million views on YouTube and Facebook.

Today we feature “O Holy Night” which not only features their tight, beautiful harmonies, but also a wonderful, touching message. This video has garnered 18 million views.  Gather your family together and watch this. Enjoy—and Merry Christmas!