Daniel Beck has always moved us with his passionate, full, beautiful tenor voice. We loved him as King Saul in the Liken series David and Goliath and we especially loved him performing in the Lamb of God written and composed by Rob Gardner. This is a unique and wonderful rendition of him singing with a wonderful full-time-missionary (at the time) from the Utah North Mission, Elder Dansie.

Daniel Beck has sung on EFY albums, with the Kenneth Cope “Son of Man” album, in many films and he has produced his own album “Love Like That.” Daniel, we love your amazing voice.

Because of his deep love for the Prophet Joseph, Elder Dansie wanted to sing with Daniel Beck on this collaboration (during his mission) of Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. Elder Dansie said, “[Joseph Smith] inspires me to be the best that I can be, and I wanted to share the gospel and his teachings in a way that would touch other people’s lives for the better!”

Kudos to Daniel and Elder Dansie for this moving, beautiful rendition. Take the 4 ½ minutes to relax and be lifted by this moving hymn. These two make for a great duet. I wish we had more collaborations like this. Thank you both for doing this!