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Ground was broken on Saturday, November 26, in the city of Managua, Nicaragua, for the country’s first temple. Elder Taylor G. Godoy, First Counselor in the Central America Area Presidency, presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the Managua Nicaragua Temple.

Elder Godoy urged members to conduct themselves as citizens of heaven, as mentioned by the Apostle Paul in the scriptures.

“Outside the temple, there will be a very large sign that will say ‘Holiness to the Lord,’” added Elder Godoy. “The temples are a representation of what we try to be as people, Latter-day Saints, trying to align our way of living to what the life of the Savior was.”

Jennifer López, a local Latter-day Saint, expressed her gratitude for God’s great love for His children, adding, “This temple is a great blessing to live sacred experiences. My parents have taught me to stay true to the covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father, and I have been blessed.”

Silvano Roberto García, a pioneer of the Church of Jesus Christ in Nicaragua, shared his feelings about the construction of the Managua Temple. He mentioned that 44 years ago, when he was a child, his family sacrificed much to be able to go to the Mesa Arizona Temple in the United States and, years later, the Guatemala City Temple. They were motivated by the chance to make eternal promises that are possible through Jesus Christ.

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