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In the Book of Mormon, the Lord asks His children to remember the captivity and miraculous deliverance of His covenant people.

The second in the series of narrative Church history volumes “has its own stories of captivity and deliverance to tell,” said Jed Woodworth, managing historian and general editor of “Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days, volume 2, No Unhallowed Hand.”

The first chapters of the narrative are now available at and in the Church History section of the Gospel Library app. Subsequent chapters will be posted each month until the entire volume is published digitally and in print in February 2020.

Woodworth said the volume details the story of captivity and deliverance as Church members are driven from Nauvoo and settle in the Salt Lake Valley from 1847 to 1893.

“The Saints are captive to punitive judges and laws; they are imprisoned by the caprice of famine and pestilence; by the sorrows of poverty and separation and death; and by their own weaknesses and frailties and sins,” said Woodworth. “Through it all, the Lord stands by His people, upholding them and ultimately redeeming them.”

The Saints do their part as well, he continued. “They gather Saints by the thousands, found hundreds of thriving settlements, weld a diverse emigration population together and launch new institutions like Sunday School, Young Women and Young Men and Primary. During the worst of their trials, they build three temples, culminating in the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple after 40 long years of construction.”

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