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The history of Internet challenges is a bit of an embarrassing one. Though the overwhelming popularity of the “ice bucket challenge” raised over $115 million for ALS research, it also led to many injuries and mishaps. More recently, the disastrous “bird box challenge” involved people trying to accomplish various tasks while blindfolded and led to so many accidents that YouTube eventually banned any potentially dangerous stunt videos from this challenge.

But the latest sensation sweeping the Internet is one everyone can get behind. It’s called the “Four Generations” challenge and started on social media platforms in China before eventually beginning to spread around the world.

The challenge involves a child walking into the room, calling out for their parent and then that parent calls out for their parent until they’ve reached four generations. The videos that have resulted from this challenge are heartwarming and wonderful. Being able to have four generations in one place is a blessing and these videos celebrate that in an adorable way. Finally, an Internet challenge that we can all be excited about as we have an opportunity to focus on something that the Gospel teaches us to treasure; the eternal connections that bond us down the family line.

Feel free to make your own “Four Generations” challenge video and if you do, make sure and share it with us!

See some examples below: