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How does one minister, give a priesthood blessing, or provide the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper during a global pandemic? These are among the issues addressed by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a letter and two documents sent to the faith’s global leadership as it continues to address the effects of COVID-19. also has a third document (found below) that contains answers to many other questions not addressed in the First Presidency’s letter to leadership.

The two documents sent to leaders explain administrative principles for the Church during these challenging times.

“Directions are enclosed for essential ordinances, blessings, and other Church functions to guide leaders through the current crisis and the challenging days that are ahead,” the First Presidency letter says. “These documents are issued in response to the disruptions in Church procedures and member activities caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. They should provide guidance as long as this pandemic exists in a particular country or region. Other directions may be issued later.”

The document on administrative principles provides encouragement for leaders. It notes the unusual difficulty of the current moment, the responsibility of every Saint to be a good global citizen, a reminder that the Lord has prepared this Church for these challenges, and the requisite wisdom leaders need to perform their ecclesiastical duties.

“The Lord will help us,” the document says. “The power of the priesthood and the righteousness of members will help us go forward in days that are ahead.”

Read the complete document, “Administrative Principles in Challenging Times.”

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