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The Easter holiday is getting closer and the work week is winding down. No doubt you are preparing for family gatherings and Easter feasts, but don’t forget to continue to follow the #PRINCEofPEACE campaign and the remaining principles from the life of Christ that are highlighted there.

Easter is a celebration of the wondrous resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is the source of all peace. Visit to learn about the remaining principles of peace highlighted from the life of Christ and about members just like you who have had personal experiences with them. Each day’s principle also comes with suggested ways you can incorporate that principle into the rest of your week as we approach Easter this coming Sunday.

Today’s principle is finding peace through PRAYER.

“Whether we’re asking for blessings or just expressing gratitude, we can feel closer to God when we diligently seek Him through prayer in Jesus’s name. See how Erick found peace through prayer.”

Invite your friends to develop peace through prayer. Use #PRINCEofPEACE.