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Bishop Carlos H. Amado is living proof that “emeritus” is not always synonymous with “retired.”

Latter-day Saints likely recognize his name.

For more than two decades, Bishop Amado answered to “Elder” Amado. He became a General Authority Seventy in 1989 and spent some 25 years organizing stakes, counseling mission presidents, participating in temple dedications, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with prophets and apostles.

Along the way, he left a lasting footprint of leadership in Latin America, presiding over four different areas of the Church.

Then, in 2014, he was released from the Seventy and became an emeritus General Authority. He had just turned 70—retirement age. He had earned the right to play golf, find new fishing holes, and catch up on missed time with his growing family.

Instead he went to work.

Not long after his release as a General Authority Seventy, he was called as bishop of Utah’s Daybreak 5th (Spanish) Ward. (His wife, Mayavel Amado, is a Sunday School teacher.)

Bishop Amado accepted the unexpected assignment with trademark humor: “It seems like everything today is being recycled—so I guess that is what the Church is doing with me.”

The General Authority Seventy-turned-bishop may not be following a traditional path of Church leadership. General Authorities are usually former bishops—not future bishops.

“But in the Church there is no vacation time, no retirement,” he told the Church News. “I have always believed that it does not matter where you serve, but how you serve.”

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