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The war between good and evil began long before the creation of the world and continues today with added visibility on the internet. “The battleground has changed. We may see it differently than perhaps in previous years, but the war is real.” 

Using examples from the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith to show how he was confronted by the forces of evil early on in his history, Elder Christensen explained that through those experiences Joseph Smith was prepared to stand strong in the face of adversity. 

The younger generation of Church members today, particularly millennials, are in the heat of the battle, he said, making a comparison to Joesph Smith.

In order to combat the forces of evil, he added, it is essential to develop strong testimonies of important gospel principles and doctrine.

Using the young Prophet Joseph Smith as the primary example of someone who successfully withstood such forces, Elder Christensen reviewed several principles and attributes that helped Joseph stand strong during times of adversity:

  1. He pondered and reflected deeply on many of the questions and issues of his day.
  2. He searched for answers in scripture and from reliable sources.
  3. He had faith he could ask God and receive answers to his prayers.
  4. His questions were thoughtful and based in doctrine as he was tutored from on high.

To read the full article, CLICK HERE.