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Church history was happening in real time in Rajahmundry, India—and the people collecting inside the stake center on May 26 likely sensed it.

For the first time, a latter-day Apostle was in their city. What would he say, they surely wondered. What counsel would he share? What would we learn?

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostle’s first words to the Rajahmundry congregation were, at once, simple, profound, and unforgettable: I love you.

They were the words, he said, that the Savior would likely say if He were visiting the “pioneers” of Rajahmundry. Three words—I love you—framed all else Elder Bednar taught during his four-country tour of a Church area that contains half of the world’s population.

Elder Bednar and Sister Susan Bednar’s recent visit (May 16–28) to a variety of cities in Mongolia, China, Cambodia, and India was defined by firsts. Most of the people who gathered for, say, a member or missionary meeting, were seeing an Apostle in person for the first time.

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