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August 20, 2022

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SusanMarch 26, 2021

Over many years of nursing and during those years dealing with healing as Sister Marshall expressed, I learned that immediately after trauma is seldom the best time to force ones self to deal with painful memories. My suggestion is to download all those images onto some form of external storage device. Put this together with other tokens of the relationship ( wedding ring, special gifts, etc) and store them together in a box or perhaps a safety deposit box. This requires intentional discovery. There will come a time ( for me it took many years) to come to an emotional place that I could revisit my memories and I was thankful I had preserved them for that experience. Healing takes it own course for each of us as we deal with loss in our lives. It is a universal teacher.

tfMarch 26, 2021

I had info on a thumb drive go bad in just 2 years. burn a dvd also. in 30+ years of working with PC's, I've seen numerous back-up media abandoned, the media may still be good, but try finding a drive that will run it. A hard drive is least preferable, for long term storage. The Cloud hasn't been around long enough to know how it will turn out. I would trust Family Search to keep stuff forever, or at least until the mellinium!

GrandpaMarch 26, 2021

This gentleman needs to put all those photos on to a thumb drive or an exterior hard drive, label it, and then put it in a drawer where it is out of view and out of mind. Years from now, he will rediscover it and just maybe have some fond memories.

Karen CasosMarch 26, 2021

The photos are a memory for you not just for your ex wife. There is no need to get rid of them. Enjoying seeing them by remembering the good times, days, friends and family .

Maryann TaylorMarch 26, 2021

Truly beautiful advice regarding the healing process. I wonder if it might help this brother to put the photos away and wait for some time to pass before going through them. Right now he is very raw and time will help, although it doesn't feel like that right now. I have always loved the scripture Brother Steurer quoted from Lehi to his son, Jacob: "..The Lord will consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." I find that so comforting. The Lord can, and DOES, work miracles in our lives, even in our suffering.



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