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March 28, 2023

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Rich ZollingerJuly 30, 2020

I have discussed with my family of sharing our food storage during the time of tribulation coming sometime and if we protect or share it. Your piece was certainly an answer to my prayers. After pondering about your words I remembered this principle is taught in I Kings 17:1-16 where Elijah asks a mother and son preparing their last meal before they die to give him the food - there it is the scriptural equivalent so I renamed your instruction: The Principle of Perpetual Food Storage. I am going to teach this this Sunday in my virtual Sunday School with my family. Much thanks.

Barbara HassardJuly 28, 2020

Great article in teaching generosity and caring for those in need! I do wish you had elaborated more on this sentence: "Also, in true pioneer spirit of thrift, industry and hatred of the dole, those in need who were able bodied would expect and be expected to work for what they received." (found in the "Self-Reliant AND Generous" Section).



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