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September 28, 2020

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vickieJune 6, 2017

as a teen I was plagued with acne starting at about 11yrs old with black heads....then later real acne...bad acne...I gave up milk for awhile and later drank skim milk ..I was given an antibiotic...tetracycline...for 2years which I think messed up my liver...stress caused my acne...bad stress living in a home with parents who were both the same. its hard when both parents agree on how to raise a child. I had very high cortisol...I know...I was checked...when I got married I had 5 children and each time I got pregnant I got old now..and I hate that I never had a smooth did affect me psychologically ..I had very low self esteem...but I made it the grace of God I married a man who cared less about my acne...but by the time I married him it was mostly gone...however I have scars and today as an old woman I still have those left scars though on me inside as solace I have is that God knows all things...and He saw fit to allow me to go through this. I'm sure it had an impact on how I turned out...and that isn't so bad..



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