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As Kate Holbrook concluded her interview on the Church News podcast last June, she shared her testimony.

“I see the Church and the gospel together having the potential to lead us through every trouble that we encounter in this life, as individuals and as a world community,” Holbrook said. “I think it has that potential for the entire world, for every person. And I have felt the power of this community and adherence to its teachings throughout my life.

“I feel like thanks to this Church, I’ve been able to accomplish some things that mattered from an eternal perspective. I’m deeply grateful for it. I love it,” she said.

Holbrook died Saturday, Aug. 20, from a rare cancer of the eye — she had been diagnosed 10 years before, but over the course of the last year the cancer took her life. When announcing her passing, her husband, Sam Brown, wrote on Twitter, “Today I have no poetry, only a broken heart and the brutal fact that broke it.”

Born Jan. 13, 1972 in Santa Barbara, California, to Kathleen Stewart and Robert Holbrook, she was raised by her mother and her grandmother, Belle Fillmore Stewart, in Provo, Utah.

Holbrook served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Russia Samara Mission and graduated from Brigham Young University. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she graduated from Harvard Divinity School with a Master of Divinity, and began a doctorate in Religious Studies at Boston University. She met and married Brown in Boston, and they have three children.

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