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Students taking part in the fall 2023 program at the BYU Jerusalem Center will be returning home on Tuesday, Oct. 31, the center announced on Oct. 18.

The students and faculty were evacuated to Greece — arriving in Athens on Sunday, Oct. 15 — after attacks and ongoing military conflict in southern Israel that occurred on Saturday, Oct. 7.

security update posted Wednesday, Oct. 18, stated: “Students will be returning home from Greece on Tuesday, October 31st.”

James R. Kearl, the assistant to the university president for the Jerusalem Center, explained how the time will be spent.

“The Jerusalem Center students who were relocated to Greece are completing some additional course work in the mornings this week, with their afternoons and evenings free for individual study and to explore the area around them,” Kearl said.

He said he students will leave on an eight-day field trip on Oct. 22 that starts in Thessaloniki and ends in Athens.

“When they return to their homes, they will complete one class, starting in early November. They will take the final exam in this class during BYU’s scheduled final exam period in December. This class will be taught via Zoom by the professor who taught the first half of the class in-person in Jerusalem,” Kearl said.

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