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This coming year we are going to study the New Testament, so I created a beautiful Come Follow Me 2023 Calendar to hang in your home, office, bedroom, mudroom or wherever you hang your calendars. This year’s calendar is very Christ-centered and I believe it will add a great spirit to your home.

I’ve done these calendars four years in a row now, but this one is my favorite. It truly is beautiful. Our designer, Myntillae Nash, did an outstanding job blending colors and leaving space and using beautiful fonts and design techniques. You will love this calendar!

Many of you have followed my photography for many years. It is my greatest desire to make the sacred places of the earth come alive for readers and viewers everywhere. Maurine and I were blessed to do “the light series” beginning over 30 years ago. Witness of the Light centered on the Prophet Joseph. Source of the Light was our witness and testimony of Jesus Christ. Light from the Dust helped readers visualize the lands and times of the Book of Mormon. The Gathering followed the Mormon Pioneers from the British Isles and Nauvoo to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. All of these books contained my photography. We also did The Revised and Enhanced History of Joseph Smith by His Mother and The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, Revised and Enhanced Edition, both of which contain my photography.

Maurine and I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the Holy Land (Israel, Jordan and Egypt). It is a second home to us. We go every year. We have many dear friends there. We love the people of every creed and culture. So many dedicated people there love to serve the Lord in their own way and belief.

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One year we had to do a photo shoot of many actors, playing parts from the stories in the New Testament, including one who would portray Jesus. We wanted this man to be from Nazareth, to be about the same age as Jesus when he started His ministry, and to be a man of faith who truly understood the life of the Savior. We were working with a group from Nazareth Village who, as their ministry, depict people living and working at the time of Christ in Nazareth. We hoped we would receive at least a few dozen headshots of men who were candidates to play Jesus.

Such would not be the case.

We worked on the arrangements for well over a year and no photos came. The first time we would see the man who would play Jesus for our photographs was the morning we arrived to do the shoot. We asked our personnel director, Maha, in a rather eager tone, who was the man who would play Jesus? She said rather casually, “Oh, that will be Majd and…he is right there.” Majd came around the corner into her office and we were stunned. He was born and raised in Nazareth, 28 years old, kind and loving, knew and loved the Savior, spoke wonderful English and there was something about his face…

Majd taught us a really important lesson those two days we worked closely with him. He taught us about the happy, smiling Jesus. No matter what we asked him to do, he did it with a loving, believing understanding of the Savior and with joy. It took four men to put that sheep up on Majd’s shoulders, but he happily walked down the dusty road past some olive trees and showed us a joyful shepherd who had found that which was lost. When he depicted Jesus teaching the Sermon on the Mount, he had an audience of about ten and he had them all smiling and occasionally laughing. They were not acting. They all loved Majd and to all of them who were either Messianic Jews or Palestinian Christians, Majd was their dear friend. At the end of the first day of shooting, Maurine and I had a different mind’s eye view of Jesus. Most of the art through the ages shows Jesus very serious and also as an older, seasoned man. Majd those days showed us the young, happy Jesus. There were times when I looked through my camera lens and thought, “I wonder if this is more like He was.”

My favorite picture of Majd carrying a sheep on his shoulders (not a lamb) is the cover of this year’s calendar. I love that image. I love that actor. I love, even more, the Man he is portraying.

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Calendar Features

I have placed on each Monday, the reading assignment for the Come Follow Me course of study. So, there it will be, hanging right before you, a gentle reminder of where we are in our studies. I’ve added in all the significant dates and holidays for those living in North America and I’ve made sure we also have the major Jewish Holy Days so that we can be tied to them in our thinking and in our studies. I’ve placed beautiful, inspiring scriptures throughout the calendar that will help make your days and your months.

These calendars are in stock, on sale, and ready to ship with flat-rate shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 States. I’m so sorry about the international customers, including Canadians, but because last year we lost so many dollars with returns and rejections from the Canadian postal system (and Australia) that we just couldn’t afford to offer them internationally. That’s not fair, we know.

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One Last Story about a Photograph

One morning we arranged to arrive at and photograph the Garden Tomb outside the walls of Jerusalem before sunrise. It was not easy to make those arrangements and when we got there, just before 6:00 AM, no one was there to greet us or unlock the heavy metal gate. We were so disappointed! The golden light in Israel, almost more than any place I have shot in the whole world, is very fleeting. I have a window of 10-15 minutes with glorious light, and then it’s gone. I tried not to panic, but I could feel my heart sinking just a bit. We stopped for a moment and waited right at the door. In a few moments, we could hear someone inside.

It was the gardener, sweeping up the walks and the weeds he had picked. We started banging loudly on the door and calling out to him (watching nervously as the light was getting brighter and brighter. He finally came to the door and asked what we needed. We told him of our arrangements and who we had talked to. He was not aware of any of that, but he let us in anyway. We had free reign to go wherever we needed to! I set up the camera in the angle I wanted. I thought about where Mary might have been as she came to the tomb that Sunday morning and met the person she thought was the Gardener (of course, we do not know that this is the tomb, but there are so many features about it that fit, it certainly is the best placeholder in our minds).

[Insert image of the Garden Tomb here]

It wasn’t five minutes before the sun began to rise and I got a burst of light coming over the top of the rock face there. I took as many pictures as I could and captured one of the most beautiful images I have ever taken. It was a gift from the Lord and now I share it with you in this calendar.

The hope I have for this year’s Come Follow Me calendar is that you will be more immersed in the ancient world of the New Testament and the life and times of Jesus Christ, that the very presence of these images in your home or office (or bedroom or hall or mudroom) will carry your mind to a place of richness and remind you of the binding covenants of a loving, caring God, One whose name is Immanuel—God with us.

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