Spring has been slow in coming, but this month I have two great books for you as we wait for warmer weather!

The first recommendation I have for you is The Unassuming Curator by Sian Ann Bessey. This is a Georgian mystery romance that is so well-done, you’ll feel like you’re right there at the British Museum solving the mystery right along with the characters.

Emily Norton is on her way to London when she has an intriguing encounter with a gentleman digging up flowers in the lane. They have a pleasant conversation, but all too soon, it’s time for her to get back in the carriage. While in London, she once again comes face-to-face with the gentleman and learns his name is Henry Buckland and he is a curator at the British Museum. There is definitely a spark between them and they find out how much they have in common with a love of science and an easy rapport. But outside influences weigh on their blossoming friendship—and maybe something more—as Emily has another suitor and Henry is dealing with some treachery at the museum. Things start to spiral quickly and soon not only love, but lives are at stake. Can they learn to trust each other before it’s too late?

This mystery romance was full of well-written characters and witty dialogue. Ms. Bessey has a knack for writing stories with depth and dimension and really immersing her readers in the experience. The Unassuming Curator highlights the British Museum and its history for the setting and the details add a rich texture to the story. Emily is trying her best to make friends and find a suitor, but when she meets Henry, there is truly something special between them. Readers will enjoy their interactions as they get to know each other and their relationship deepens into something more. Henry was a hero who was charming and kind, and his regard for Emily was sweet. He is also harboring a secret about his color-blindness, but when it comes to light, it only adds to their connection. The mystery at the museum had a nice twist to it and wasn’t easy to unravel. This is another gem in Ms. Bessey’s Georgian Gentlemen series that showcases her ability to tell a story that keeps her readers glued to their chair.

The Unassuming Curator by Sian Ann Bessey, published by Covenant Communications, 274 pages, available in ebook and paperback. Available April 11, 2023.

The second recommendation is Just One More, a thriller by Annette Lyon. This heart-pounding book will keep you up all night just to see how it ends!

The story is told from dual points of view, but not in the way you think. Jenn’s story is everything leading up to her death. Becca’s story is trying to unravel what really happened. It’s riveting for the reader to be “in” on the details that Becca is trying to uncover, but at the same time not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. Ms. Lyon has several edge-of-your-seat twists in store that readers won’t see coming.

Jenn is a sweet woman who just wants to be loved and belong. She thinks she’s found that when she marries Rick, but quickly finds out her husband hasn’t exactly been honest with her. When the truth starts to come to light, however, she knows she has to do something, but what? Becca is a divorced mom who is best friends with Jenn. It’s devastating for her when she finds Jenn dead in her bathtub. But as more details emerge surrounding Jenn’s death Becca is determined to find out what really happened.  Not everything is what it seems, however, and Becca’s quest to unravel the clues is absolutely gripping. Will she ever find out what really happened to Jenn?

Ms. Lyon does an excellent job in making the characters believable and the more readers get to know the two women, the harder it is that we know how it ends for Jenn. Lyon pulls every emotion—from heartache to outrage—out of her readers as we watch Jenn caught in a marriage to a man who has more secrets than anyone ever bargained for. Becca’s quest for justice ramps up the tension and keeps it tight right to the end. Just when readers think they know how it’s going to turn out, something else is revealed that will leave your jaw on the floor. This psychological thriller is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Just One More by Annette Lyon, published by Scarlet, 283 pages, available in hardcover and ebook.


After winning $10 in a second-grade writing contest, Julie Coulter Bellon knew she wanted to be a published author someday. That dream came true and she is now an award-winning author of thirty books. She is also a podcast host for Authors Off the Page and Book Chat with Julie.