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Scott Livingston is an independent scholar whose gospel studies have been largely fueled by his ecclesiastical ministry. He is currently a Stake President, and many of the recurring concerns that surface as he counsels with individuals and couples led him to write the book Beauty for Ashes: Learning from Christ How to Endure Life’s Greatest Pains, Sufferings, and Sorrows. 

In this episode of the LDS Perspectives Podcast, Scott discusses some of the sacred lessons he learned that found their way into this book. These were lessons that grew out of questions many of us have asked such as, “How do I process the suffering I am experiencing?” “Why does life seem so unfair?”

Scott studied theater, film, and screenwriting, and though he has spent the majority of his career in marketing and sales, he continues to write. He currently has a screenplay in production.

He and his wife, Ginger, have four children.