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The following was contributed to by Sister Neill F. Marriott of the Young Women General Presidency. 

A journalism teacher taught her students to write useful articles by answering these questions: Who? What? Why? When? How?

Such questions can bring parents and youth leaders right to what matters most in the lives of young women and young men. Keeping our young women and young men in mind, let us allow the Holy Ghost to lead our thoughts as we ask ourselves these pointed questions. While answering these questions, we become inspired, effective parents and leaders, enabled to teach by the Spirit and open hearts to personal revelation about what matters most.


Who are they? They are beloved spirit children of Heavenly Parents. We leaders and parents know the youth have divine natures and are the powerful generation reserved to face the challenges of the latter days. When we gather with them in classes or activities, do we recognize these powerful, divine traits? Do we see them as their Father in Heaven sees them?

If we do sense their divinity and importance, we need to teach them and show them what we see.

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