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Whether or not you’ve got school-age kids, September also means a fresh start. The Snoopy “back-to-school” flag is hanging outside our house, with old Snoopy and Woodstock marching off to a new year with a smile. Thank goodness, the first crazy days are over, and everyone is settling down. Even early morning seminary has started.

In his ever infinite wisdom, President Hinckley has provided a powerful back-to-school message to our youth in the September New Era . His article, entitled “Seek Learning,” was the center point for some special Sunday time together with our own two high school children.

With a simplicity that belies its power, President Hinckley conveys the significance of reaching far beyond just muddling through the basics of a functional education to the great joys that come with the big picture and a vested interest in not only the future of mortality, but the future of our eternities.

He tells the youth:

You have the potential to become anything to which you set your mind! You have a mind and a body and a spirit. With these three working together, you can walk the high road that leads to achievement and happiness. But this will require effort and sacrifice and faith ( New Era , September 2007, page 2).

Could he be speaking to those of us who are educating our mind, bodies and spirits to a higher law of health? I’m sure you’ll agree that the holiday season, beginning with Halloween and going straight through the New Year, can be a wicked stretch of the year for healthy living. It’s time for renewed dedication to a healthy life.

So, back to school! Back to basics! As my daughter Kelly said last week, “Even though the first week is all about review, it just feels good to get going again!

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Today’s Quote : “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”(Allan Bloom)

OK! Whether you have kids in school or not, we’re all going back to school today with weight loss addition facts and motivational ABCs. You can print out today’s thought with a mini-poster for your refrigerator or bulletin board. Click HERE or copy and paste in

Weight Loss Addition Facts:


Weight Loss ABCs:

A = A+ Attitude – eat apples ; act , don’t react; Accountability
B = Believe in yourself; be bold in claiming your right to live healthfully
C = Consistency – not perfection!
D = Determination, desire, discipline
E = Exercise = energy ; hard-boiled eggs are great protein!
F = No more than two fruits (get three veggies) find fun in activity
G = Eat lots of leafy greens (especially dark ones), reward small goals, and go for it!
H = Honesty is the best policy, your health is worth it!
I = Say, ” I can do it!” ” I am worth it!” Remember: the difference between fat and fit is I !
J = Journal , journal , journal to find joy in accountability
K = Knowledge is power, know the foods that detour you, and keep them far away
L = Losing weight to be healthy means loving yourself
M = Avoid monotony using new recipes! Do new activities!
N = Never look back. No Guilt. Today is a new day!
O = Obtaining health is an opportunity , not a punishment
P = Perseverance , patience – our pants are gonna fit!
Q = We’re queens ! We love quality over quantity !
R = We’re responsible . We reward ourselves regularly.
S = Beat the ” SYE syndrome (you know, whenever we’re frustrated we fall into so-you-eat behaviors)
T = Take time to try something new, think and feel with your head and heart, not your mouth
U = Unload frustration on exercise, a journal, a friend or a walk. All work better than food.
V = Variety and moderation in all things
W = Drink water. Walk !
X = Examine your motives. There are many and they all count!
Y = You know what to do, so just do it!
Z = Every zipper is going to slide like silk!

Oh, we’re dandy little students and teacher’s pets headed straight for graduation in our cutest skinny outfit.

Today’s Empowerment: “I’m becoming light in spirit and body with the keys of knowledge I now possess. The tricks I need for my success are becoming skills that I am easily learning and using.”


  1. Which back-to-basics principles are the most important for you to adopt?
  2. It always feels better to start school with a few new things. What new things can you add to make healthy living more fun? New exercise shoes? A new subscription to a health magazine? Decide on one or two and purchase this week.


Today’s Recipe: Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Maybe this sounds crazy to you, but until I learned this trick, my hard-boiled eggs were extremely frustrating to peel, and not very pretty. Now they’re perfect every time, with peelings that just slide off. These are such a handy snack and refrigerate beautifully for meals and lunches. At about 75 calories each and absolutely loaded with protein, you can have 3-4 a week without hesitation.

Instructions : Place eggs in pan with a tight-fitting lid. Add room temperature water so that there’s about 1″ of water covering the eggs. Put on the lid and bring to a rolling boil. Do not take the lid off . Remove from heat and let them stand for 10 minutes. Remove from water and Ta-Duh! They’re done.