If any topic on the planet is going to open a can of Mormon worms, today’s topic may be it. But first, Justin has a quick question regarding what (if anything) General Authorities have said about marrying outside the Church. Here’s what he has to say:

What GA(s) have said that marrying outside the Church to people of equal standards is okay?

Having felt like I was twice shown very distinctly that I was to marry someone, and that she would eventually join the Church and be sealed in the temple, I’m torn by the “what if” surrounding us being sealed eventually. In other words, she has her agency, and until now, is an incredibly Christ-like person and enjoys her own religion, but resists joining the Church at this time.

So Madame Kathy, do you know if church leaders who have said that good nonmembers would be good candidates to marriage?


Happy to oblige you, Justin. I of myself know nothing, but Meridian readers are the Google of Mormondom. Call them “Moogle.”

Okay, people, this is a very narrow question. We’ve already discussed what we think about marrying (or dating) outside the Church. Justin wants to know what, if anything, General Authorities of the Church have said about the subject. If you have any attributable quotes, please send them to me at [email protected]“>[email protected]. Put GA in the subject line so I can send your information along to a hopeful Justin.

Now for today’s can o’ worms.

I’d love to see a topic on women (especially younger mothers) working outside the home.  Even though 90% of the women in our ward work (and several, myself included, own businesses) there seems to be a very “holier than thou” attitude from the few “stay at home” sisters.  Although I know the Church encourages mothers to stay at home, but this is often impossible, especially in with younger couples. 

A few years ago we actually had a sister speak on Father’s Day (of all days!) and berate the brethren who “forced” their wives to “abandon their children” to work.  Several men were so disgusted that they actually got up and walked out of the meeting.  My theory is that each family’s situation is different, and no one should be judged on what they feel they must do.  I feel there are very few women who go to work each day for the sheer pleasure of an extra paycheck!


Okay, Mary, I am hiding under a rock (or I will be, once this question appears on Monday). The rest of you – what do you think? (I’m pretty sure I know what you think about somebody being so tacky as to berate fathers on a Father’s Day talk for “forcing” their wives to “abandon their children” by working, so let’s stick to the original question.) Do you believe it’s impossible for women to stay home these days, do you believe it’s always possible for a woman to stay home, or do you believe that God is smart enough to give different advice to different women? The floor is yours.

Remember, people, do not use the form on this page to reply to me, because your letters will more than likely get lost. Send an email to [email protected]“>[email protected], with an appropriate subject line to let me know your letter isn’t spam. Mary is looking forward to your answers.

Until next time — Kathy

 “The phrase working mother’ is redundant.”

Jane Sellman

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