SKP_cover“Glad Tidings of Great Joy” celebrates the advent of the birth of Christ all month

One of the most surprising things about Christmas is that the earliest Christians didn’t celebrate it at all—it was just too pagan. Not long thereafter though, the human propensity to observe important events began to assemble a celebration like none other.  

In his new book on the advent, Eric D. Huntsman creates a near-perfect mix of history, facts, doctrine, stories and illustrations to engage readers of every age and intellectual bent.  Along the way, you’ll encounter wisemen, shepherds, angels, Joseph and Mary, and all the familiar elements of Christmas cast in a revealing new light.  You’ll also enjoy a heart-felt chapter on “Christmas with Autism,” which shows one family’s discovery of ways to fill the season with joy for every family member.  

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Click Here to follow the Huntsman’s celebration of Christmas in Jerusalem this year at their blog.

Happy Advent, from The Cricket and Seagull!



Dr. Eric D. Huntsman, author of “Good Tidings of Great Joy.”












Detail from inside “Good Tidings of Great Joy.”

The Huntsman children making Christmas cookies with their mother, Elaine.

Rachel and Samuel Huntsman decorate the tree for Christmas in Jerusalem this year.