Here are the new Church product updates.  Follow the links to download or view information for your family or for your ward.

Book of Mormon Stories 

The Book of Mormon Stories video series have gone through a major update and are now available in English in the media library, on YouTube, and on the Roku box Mormon Channel. A technique called parallax animation, in which figures are cut out and moved around the canvas, was used to give the once two-dimensional images a new, animated three-dimensional look.

This new version also features sound effects and stunning new visual effects such as lightning, twinkling stars, smoke and fire. A new original soundtrack was also added to the videos.

The Book of Mormon Stories is an excellent resource for teaching children and youth in the home and at church. An updated version of the New Testament Stories in English and 10 other languages is also available here. The Book of Mormon Stories will be available in 10 additional languages in December.

Primary 2012 Sharing Time

The PDF for the Primary 2012 Sharing Time, Choose the Right, is now available. As a reminder, only three copies will be sent to each ward. Other people can obtain a copy of it through the Primary website or through the online store.

Articles of Faith

The Articles of Faith flyer has been redesigned. This new version matches more closely other similar documents, such as The Family: A Proclamation to the World and The Living Christ. I have attached a low resolution PDF of the new version. A printed copy can be purchased through the Online Store.

Daughters in My Kingdom

Daughters in My Kingdom is now available as a PDF download through the book’s new website.

One in a Million

The first 10 One in a Million videos have been published in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Members who speak these languages can find the videos on their language site (if available) or through the Liahona landing page. These Friend Magazine messages show testimonies from children all over the world.