Humanitarian aid from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is getting to the Japanese people suffering from the effects of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, powerful tsunami and lingering threats of radiation.

The Church has provided more than 135,000 pounds of food and water, 8,000 liters of fuel and 15,000 blankets and is working with the local prefectural governments to coordinate their distribution.

These items are being purchased in Japan and shipped to Sendai and surrounding areas where they are most needed.  The blankets have been purchased in China, and are now being distributed in Japan.

Local Church leaders have created an emergency response committee, which is meeting daily to identify and respond to member and community needs and to organize volunteer efforts.

Thousands of Church members from hundreds of congregations in Japan have established plans to assemble hygiene and cleaning kits with this effort likely to continue over the next few weeks. The Church has also made a substantial financial donation to the Japan Red Cross. 

Many people have asked the Church how they might assist or make donations to the Church’s relief efforts. Church members or others who wish to donate may do so through the Humanitarian Aid Fund.

Church officials will continue to monitor events and identify how to best help the people of Japan in the coming weeks.

The Church appreciates those who have expressed a desire to help, but the high volume of calls and emails to the area offices in Japan and to headquarters emergency response personnel to offer additional assistance is hindering their ability to respond to the crisis.