Mark Albright is the president of the Washington DC South mission and shares these missionary stories with Meridian Magazine.  This letter comes from Sister Sariha B. Moya

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Sariha B. Moya

Dear President Albright,

This week has been beautiful; we were tracting on Sunday evening during the Super Bowl game.  We tried to have faith that there must be someone more interested in listening to the gospel than in watching the game on TV.  We knocked all evening but the most comment response was, “Sorry, Super Bowl Sunday!”  We ignored the rejections and kept on knocking.

Finally at our last door for the evening we noticed a man through his window coming to open the front door.  I was thinking what kind of a door approach should  we use when he suddenly opened the door and started screaming loudly in fright!  This scared us, so Sister Kohler and I started screaming too!  There we were all three screaming at each other!  Apparently he had not heard our knocks and so when he saw us there in the dark on his door step he was scared and screamed!  He just wanted to go outside for a minute and wasn’t expecting to see us standing there.  It was so funny, he invited us to come inside.  

I never thought that the only thing he needed to hear from me was a scream.  He called his daughter and his son, who are teenagers and he told us that he had been meeting with the missionaries when he was in his home country, but he moved here and he could never find the LDS missionaries again!  We told him, “Don’t worry we found you,” and then we talked about the restoration.   We went back on Tuesday and explained to all of them the Plan on Salvation.  He works on Sunday, but he is going to ask his supervisor if he can have Sundays off for church, and his children also want to start attending church with us!  I know that Our Heavenly Father is doing all the arrangements for His children to hear the Gospel, and that we are guided to them if we trust Him.

Sister Sariha B. Moya