If you’ve been following the coverage we have given the Sacramento Temple dedication, you will know that we did a photo essay of the youth celebration with un-captioned pictures. You can look at it here.

I am going to do the same thing with some pictures I took the day of the dedication, September 3, 2006. You may see yourself in one of these pictures. You may see someone you know. Can you help us caption these pictures with the names of the people as well? I would like to see if we can identify most, if not all, in each of these twenty pictures. Will you help us? Just click here to respond (or you can click on the respond buttons at the right side or the bottom).

We appreciate your responses and your help with all of this. You’re amazing. Please let others know that these pictures and this coverage of the temple dedication are right here on Meridian.

Anne and Larry Brasher (from Lincoln, California) with 4 of their 13 grandchildren Brandon (8), Amanda (10), Taylor (13) and Jessica Bassett (15). Grandchildren are from the Antelope 4th Ward, Antelope Stake.


Jennifer Gauger (age 11), Antelope 4th Ward, Antelope Stake.


Nancy and Fred Barrett of the Roseville 6th Ward, Roseville Stake


Jeffrey Bassett (center) with his mother, Angie Bassett (daughter of Anne and Larry in Photo #1) and father, Mark Bassett. Mark is the Stake President of the Antelope Stake.


Okay, so there are a lot of people here gathered for the cornerstone ceremony. How many of them can we identify? Here are some responses from our readers: “We’re all related in the family tree. Families of the choir were waiting under the tree.” Starting far left, go to the second boy with his back to the picture, white shirt, that is Timmy Carlson. Keep going to the right, boy facing the camera, white shirt, brown hair, Andrew Carlson. Next one in to the right, boy with back to the camera, taller, white shirt, Bryant Gee. Lady just behind Bryant (actually he is facing her), blond with dark sunglasses, Lori Gee. All of these are from the Sacramento Stake. Lady in pink, smiling, far right corner is Vicki Jones, Roseville 6th Ward, Roseville Stake. Lady smiling in gray suit, center towards the front, Gail Adair, Granite Bay 2nd Ward, Stake Young Women’s President in the Roseville Stake. Husband, Wayne Adair, is standing next to her. Woman on the other side of Gail with white shirt and black jacket is Daneece Adair (Rosemont Ward, Cordova Stake). She and Gail are sister-in-laws. Daneece’s husband, Gene, was in the choir. Young man to our right of Wayne Adair is his newlywed son, Tim Adair (blond) and in front of him is his new wife, Erin Adair (long, dark hair). In the back and our right of Tim, the tall, blond guy is Ken Beutler of Rosemont Ward, Cordova Stake. Bottom right corner is the Engelbrecht Family. That’s one of the most complex captions I’ve ever written in my life!


Two young women in front are (l-r) Heather Gale and Emily Gale of the Elk Grove Stake.


From a Meridian reader: “The sister on the left appears to be Bev Corry of the Paradise First Ward, Chico California Stake.” Woman in the center is Tracy L. Astle of Yuba City, one of the choir members participating in the Cornerstone Ceremony. Who is the sister on the right?


From a loving Meridian reader: “These are my nephews. The blond looking at us is Ryan Sewell and his older brother, Adam Sewell is standing directly behind him.” An e-mail arrived soon after that one that said, “The two boys, the one smiling and the one directly behind him, are my boys! Thanks so much for the great pictures.”


Left to right: Carol Shouse (Ashton Park Ward), Brooke Bond, Laura Woodland, Brittany Purcell and Tammi Bond, all of the Sacramento East Stake.


Mark Jansson. One reader said, “Almost everyone in Sacramento knows him. He is a missionary at heart.” From another reader: “He is the Director of Public Affairs for the Elk Grove Stake and also serves on the Sacramento Area Public Affairs Council Executive Committee over Legislative Affairs.” He is a member of the Sheldon Ward. We received more e-mail identifying Mark Jansson than any other picture.