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Friday, June 9, 2006

By Scot Facer Proctor

Editor’s Note: Our soon-to-be-started weekly e-mail will make sure you’re not left out of the best travel opportunities with other Latter-day Saints. We have found that the only thing more fun than traveling to exotic and wonderful places is traveling to those places with other Latter-day Saints. If you would like to be added to our fast-growing, no-obligation travel e-mail list, please click here and sign up today.

We have some exciting upcoming trips we want to tell you about.

First, here are some recent sold-out trips that you could have gone on:

Cruise the Mediterranean with Joseph McConkie and Doug Brinley June 21 – July 3. What a fabulous itinerary from Barcelona to Marseille to Florence to Rome to Capri to Mykonos to Istanbul to Ephesus to Athens and to Venice. Wow. Sorry, sold out.

Cruise the Inside Passage to Alaska (you have to do this at least once in your life) with Jeff Marsh. This is a glorious cruise that includes Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria, British Columbia. We have 78 Latter-day Saints together on this one. What fun! Sorry, sold out.

Okay, no more teasing – here are a few last-minute opportunities available and a couple of others you really need to see.

A Dreamy Cruise through the Baltic Sea

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Ship docked at Oslo, Norway

Susan Easton Black will take you on the journey of a lifetime through the Baltic Sea, August 13-23.
This is one of our favorite trips we’ve ever taken. You’ll start and end in Copenhagen and see some of the most beautiful cities along the Baltic, including Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia (haven’t you always wanted to see this amazing city?); Tallin, Estonia (you’ll love this quaint and historic city); Gydnia, Poland (you’ll want to take the excursion to the Malbork Castle); and Oslo, Norway (we love this city!). Here’s the deal – all of our group space is sold out – there are some limited cabin spaces available at a slightly higher rate. Call today to get on this cruise: 1-888-707-4386. Tell them you read about it on Meridian.

Talk a Leisurely Cruise along the Coast of New England and Nova Scotia

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Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts

We still have three cabins left for the New England/Canada cruise with Buddy Youngreen, September 16-23.
This is such a delightful cruise, and with prices starting at just $580 you ought to look into this. You’ll love the walk through Boston (it’s like walking back to those early days of the Revolutionary War). You’ll love your time in Portland, Maine. You’ll finally get to see the Bay of Fundy at St. John in New Brunswick (the one you studied about as a kid that has the enormous changes in tide levels). And you’ll enjoy the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We have to finalize our reservations on this one by June 23. Call today, 1-888-707-4386.

This Cruise is Such a Bargain-Just Come on Board for the Price Alone!

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Fisherman at sunset in Belize

With prices starting at just $399, here’s your chance to get your feet wet in the lands of the Book of Mormon, October 7-14.
John Lund takes you to some wonderful ruins, including Chichen Itza and Tulum – and you will have a wondrous adventure in Belize as you journey through Lamanai and the New River in the jungle. This really is an amazingly fun trip – and so economical. Call today to make reservations: 1-888-707-4386.

Our Favorite Itinerary in the Mediterranean (because it Includes Egypt!)

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The Great Pyramids of Egypt

We have a wonderful group gathered for this Mediterranean Cruise, November 10-22, and there is still limited, inside space available. You can certainly put your name on a waitlist for outside or balconies. Here we (the Proctors) join you as we visit some of our favorite places: Rome, The Isle of Capri, Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul, Mykonos and Cairo – where we will see the great pyramids of Egypt. Space is going fast and is only available because of a recent group cancellation. Why not come with us on this experience of a lifetime? Call today for reservations: 1-888-707-4386. You’ll be glad you did. You have only a few days to jump on board.

Here is a Wonderful Land Tour from Belize to Guatemala

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Ancient Mayan City of Tikal, Guatemala

Join David Hadlock and Ryan Williams on this fantastic guided land tour through proposed Book of Mormon lands, August 7-16. Bring the scriptures to life as you travel from the Belizean coast to the beautiful Guatemala highlands with our fabulous tour instructors and other Latter-day Saints. Come and learn about exciting parallels between the modern day Maya and the ancient civilizations of the Book of Mormon. Be uplifted as your instructors unfold the scriptures in light of the symbolism still visible in the geography and the culture of this area. Stay at luxurious hotels and eat wonderful food while visiting ancient archaeological sites such as Tikal, Kaminaljuyu, Xunantunich and Lamanai. For only $1695 plus airfare, this ten-day adventure is not to be missed. Call today to book your reservation: 1-888-707-4386.

Remember: If you would like to be added to our fast-growing, no-obligation travel e-mail list, please click here and sign up today.


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