Editor’s Note: If you have little children, going to this new interactive page of the Friend is an Internet must. I was so captivated I spent a long time here—experimenting with coloring, finding the objects hidden in a picture, listening to stories.

Do your kids use the Internet?  What sites do they visit? Do you ever wish you knew of a site that they would enjoy and you’d feel is worth their time and know it’s safe?  The Church recently updated the Friend magazine Web site for this reason.  Through fun, interactive games, stories, and activities, your children will enjoy themselves and learn more about living the gospel. Some of the recent updates include:

  • Games and activities with some animation
  • Online coloring pages with children’s songs playing in the background
  • Stories in audio format
  • Galleries of artwork submitted by children
  • Scripture stories in audio and video formats

Click here to see the new items available.

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