I Love My Mom and Other Mom Books for Kids
By Holly E. Newton

Mom’s big day is right around the corner and the picture books I’ve compiled will make her day. But the great thing about these books is the subject matter will likely keep the celebration on-going throughout the rest of the year.

Did My Mother Do That?, by Sharon Holt, and illustrated by Brian Lovelock, celebrates the greatest event known to man and woman: the birth of a newborn baby. This beautifully painted book takes the subject of a young girl pondering her birth. As she asks questions about what if she were different types of animals, Daddy explains how each animal would be taken care of by its mother. And each time, the animal discussed is superimposed next to the bed where daughter and father are lying. The culmination of what her Mommy and Daddy did to take care of her when she was born is tender and sweetly conveys the love between all three.

Guess How Much I Love You All Year Round: Four Seasons, Four Stories, by Sam McBratney, and illustrated by Anita Jeram, has the same characters with the young rabbit, Little Nubrown, asking many questions. But in this book that deals with the seasons, he asks questions that have to do with each season. The love between parent and child is easily conveyed and the same wonderful watercolor illustrations are still the same as in the original book.

Seven Hungry Babies, by Candace Fleming, and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin, is a perfect read-aloud with few words and the use of onomatopoeia sounds from the baby birds splashed across some of the pages making for great reading fun. And the nest full of color brings about the culmination of what the newly hatched chicks desire. This story could very well convey one huge purpose of motherhood: feeding the children!

Higgledy-Piggledy Chicks, by Barbara Joosse, and illustrated by Rick Chrustowski, completes the subject of another likely reason for good mothering: keeping her young safe. This story has Mama hen helping her young stay out of danger. This story also has the sounds of the barnyard spread throughout making for another fun read aloud. The illustrator shows how he painted his chicks found at the back of the book, where you’ll also find information on how a baby chick grows.

I Love My Mom, by Anna Walker, is a simple, sweet book with rhyming text about a lovable zebra and his mom. He loves to do so many fun things with her. But what he loves best is the kiss goodnight. Even the watercolor illustrations are simple and sweet.

A Boy Had a Mother Who Bought Him a Hat, by Karla Kuskin, and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, is a cumulative poetic story that takes on a most bizarre fashion as the boy gathers more and more items along the way. It all begins when his mother buys him a hat. But what, and how much does he end with, will have even the sourest of faces laughing at the end! And the illustrations are just as humorous as the lively text!

Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth, by Kate Klise, and illustrated by Sarah Klise, is a hilarious topsy-turvy tale about a young hare and his desire to go to the circus. When his mother states he must clean his messy room first, he runs away to join the circus. The ringleader tells him he must sell 100 tickets for his act before he can join. So he makes his mother the main attraction with the title of the book as the subject. But mom is much smarter and turns the tables on him by making his room “the messiest room on earth” the subject instead. The story and the pictures are all hilarious and make for a good laugh and just may provoke your youngster to clean his/her room!

A Wish for You, by Matt Novak, is a sweet celebration of the arrival of a new baby. The simple rhyming text and warm hues of color make this inviting tale perfect for the new mom and dad with a baby.

The Wild, Wild, Inside: A View from Mommy’s Tummy!, by Kate Feiffer, and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith, is a funny look at what siblings might think is going on inside mommy’s tummy as they await their new little arrival. It may not teach anything, but will surely bring some smiles and ingenuity to family members. The acrylic paintings are lively as well.

Cloud Tea Monkeys, by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham, and illustrated by Juan Wijngaard, is a beautiful tribute to the love of a child for his mother. This story has the ambiance of old Chinese folktales with a story that weaves the riches of language and that begs to be read aloud. The story is both rich in words and painting.

And lastly, why not end with a cookbook for, and on behalf of, Mom? What’s New, Cupcake, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, is the follow-up cookbook to the popular “Hello, Cupcake”. The delightful step-by-step decorations, to go on top of store purchased cake mixes, will showcase designs which include animals, flowers and special celebrations. This fun book will wake your sense of vision with amazing tasty optical illusions of frosting to fill your eyes and appetite.

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