Though the LDS Church transferred all missionaries out of Liberia and Sierra Leone in early August due to the Ebola crisis, there are about 8,000 members in Liberia and 13,000 in Sierra Leone who have been impacted by the Ebola outbreak.

According to Bruce Muir, the LDS humanitarian response director, the disease has taken the lives of one Liberian member and two in Sierra Leone.

With businesses locked, banks closed, and people quarantined, survival is difficult and the Church is working to ease the suffering of its members in West Africa impacted by the virus.

According to the Deseret News, “The Church Welfare Department’s humanitarian response arm has shipped food, cleaning supplies and other emergency provisions to Latter-day Saint families in Liberia and Sierra Leone.” These supplies also include rice, cooking oil, hygiene supplies and chlorine to be used to sanitize areas affected by the virus.

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