Finally, there’s a book of rhymes especially for LDS kids.

 We all grew up on them– tales of plagues, destruction, and demise. It’s hard to find a parent anywhere who hasn’t wished nursery rhymes were more inspiring, and less about centuries-old ideas of instilling fright in young children. Even the seemingly innocuous ones are often about beheadings, plucking out of eyes, holding people captive, and throwing them down stairs. A few of them extol virtues, but a quick glance at the history of these rhymes reveals a decidedly macabre outlook.

So I decided to write my own, a collection of 26 catchy rhymes that are fun and easy to learn, and which reinforce gospel principles. There are poems about missionary work, family, tithing, baptism, temples-all the things we love. And I was fortunate enough to get Trilea Minson to do the whimsical illustrations. Here are just two examples:

And here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the rhymes:

Sister McLister

Developed a blister

While scrubbing a new brother’s home,

She worked on so sweetly,

He loved her completely,

And now she is Sister McComb!


Mack and Millie crossed the plains

In one big covered wagon.

Through the snow

And through the ice

The oxen started draggin’.

And so they prayed with all their might

Somehow they would arrive

And sure enough,

Though it was rough,

They made it all alive.

They fought the crickets, built a home

And a posterity,

And then that bunch

Had bunches more

And one of them is me!



I’m hoping parents will bring LDS Nursery Rhymes along to Sacrament meeting, and use it for family time, one-on-one time, bedtime, anytime. It also makes a great gift for baby showers, baby blessings, new parents, grandparents, birthdays, and Christmas. BYU Bookstore is the publisher, so it can be purchased there or online here. Amazon should start carrying it soon, as well.

It’s fun to imagine children thinking about their scripture reading, prayers, and goals, as they discover rhymes that not only entertain them, but keep them on track. It’s the sort of book I hope will stand the test of time, and last for generations.

Hilton’s LDS Nursery Rhymes is hot off the presses and can be purchased at the BYU Store, or at this link.

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