Ive seen four plays in the past month in Southern Utah, two at Tuacahn and two at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Ill be reviewing the other three shortly, but I dont mind telling you that my favorite, by far, is the latters world-premiere adaptation of Jane Austens novel Sense and Sensibility. Well-cast, well-written, and delightfully acted, Austens timeless tale of propriety, betrayal, family loyalty, and deep-running love gets deluxe treatment here. The play is well-written and well-cast, a combination that led our audience to frequent laughter at the witty dialogue, tears of empathy for the sufferings of the characters, and ultimately tears of joy for their well-earned happiness. This is an uplifting crowd-pleaser, appropriate for all ages (although young children may get restless).

The festival takes place annually in Cedar City, Utah, with a slew of Shakespeare plays and a handful of others offering some of the finest theatre one is likely to find. For information and to purchase tickets, visit:

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