One of the major fault lines that divides the electorate is religion.  Polls showed that Romney won 59% of the votes of the 42% of people who attend church weekly, but Obama won 56% of those who attend only rarely and 63% of those who never attend church, according to the Deseret News.

With those kind of numbers, it is no surprise that Obama made a strategic decision to antagonize the Catholic Church by drawing a hardline on contraceptives and abortifacients in the Affordable Care Act.  This meant that Catholic institutions, which supply hospital care for one out of every ten patients in America, is mandated by the government to offer insurance that violates their conscience.  This affects millions of people and is a major incursion on religious freedom.

It is something like the government mandating that LDS bishops must perform same-sex marriages in order to avoid sanctions.

If a religious organization can be mandated to act in a way that is contrary to its teaching, the religion itself is weakened, losing its moral authority.  It is staggering that the government could over reach this way, but even more sobering that this assault upon liberty was then turned and called the conservative’s War on Women.

Presto, change-o.  With a little sleight of hand, Obama’s attack on religious liberty became a winning hand for him.  Those mean conservatives want to take away your contraceptives funded for you by the government and the Catholic Church.  They want you to be barefoot and pregnant your entire life, oh women.

He didn’t think religious folks mattered in this issueand he was right.  50% of Catholics still voted for Obama!