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The metaphorical train that is the work of the restored gospel lurched to a higher rate of speed as a result of the 188th Annual General Conference held March 31–April 1. The Lord is hastening His work.

Historic in every sense, the proceedings changed the way the Church is organized and administered on ward and branch levels; changed the face of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; offered powerful witnesses of the Savior, His mission, and His Resurrection; involved members worldwide in a memorable and divinely sanctioned solemn assembly; and ended with the announcement of seven new temples worldwide.

Each session was a revelatory experience. Each was a dramatic reminder that the heavens are open. God does not sleep. The Savior guides His Church through a living and energetic prophet, with intimate knowledge of the needs and challenges facing each individual.

“I exhort you to study the messages of this conference frequently—even repeatedly—during the next six months,” President Russell M. Nelsonsaid in his closing remarks.

Never has that admonition seemed more urgent or necessary. Without frequent study, pondering, and prayer concerning the proceedings of this conference, Church members will fall behind. With it, they will be blessed not only with a greater understanding of the changes in Church programs but also with a strong witness of the Savior and the divinity of the Restoration.

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