The more people have been seeing, handling and contemplating the new Nauvoo Diary, the more people are saying to me, “This is perfect for writing down my thoughts, inspiration, ideas and personal revelation in the Come Follow Me studies this coming year.”  We will be studying the Doctrine and Covenants and the history of the Church, so what a better place to record these insights than in the Nauvoo Diary!

I think one of the reasons journal writing and recording is so important is that it is one way to show our gratitude to the Lord for the knowledge and the experience that He gives to us.  The Nauvoo Diary could be used as a gratitude journal. It could be used as a reminder journal or a trigger journal, a place to write down thoughts that will trigger larger memories.

We had an open house this weekend (in our own home) and many of you came and held and purchased the Nauvoo Diaries and the Church History Calendars.  One of the things that was said the most often was: This is so substantial and it is so beautiful. I had no idea from your articles and advertising what I was really looking at. This Nauvoo Diary is stunning.  We were so pleased with the response.

Many people bought 10 and 12 and more Nauvoo Diaries with the intention of giving them to their children and their grandchildren—to encourage them in their Come Follow Me studies—to have a wonderful, beautiful place to write things down.  I was so pleased with this response.

My goal now is just to get these diaries in your hand.  We’ve figured out a couple of things.  We can now ship up to three diaries for only $8.50 and anything four or more is just our $14 flat rate.  With this article we are offering another special to clear out our remaining stock and to just make sure we get these amazing diaries into your hands.

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I’m absolutely certain you will love having the Nauvoo Diary & Engagement Calendar in your life.

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