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To borrow a phrase from scripture, leaders and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were “anxiously engaged” in good causes in 2022. The faith’s humanitarian and welfare work was constant. Apostles and other leaders ministered and made meaningful connections around the world. And more houses of the Lord opened for worship.

The summaries, video and photos below show — though it is only a glimpse — the many ways members of the Church blessed God’s children everywhere.

Humanitarian and Welfare Outreach

Jesus teaches His followers to “love thy neighbour” and to “be one.” The Church does this, in part, through its important humanitarian and welfare service. These projects are often done in collaboration with trusted organizations who help get resources to individuals in need.

This year, to mention only a few items, the Church of Jesus Christ gave US$32 million to the World Food Programme, $10 million for polio and maternal and neonatal tetanus vaccinations to Rotary International and UNICEF, $5.1 million to the American Red Cross and another $5 million to UNICEF’s global malnutrition program.

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