Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong said a striking thing in April 2021 General Conference, particularly because President Henry B. Eyring told a story that so clearly illustrated the point.

Elder Wong said, “He knows not only the details of our lives. God knows the details of the details of the details of our lives.”

President Eyring said that when he was married in the Logan Utah Temple, “President Spencer W. Kimball performed the sealing. In the few words he spoke, he gave this counsel, ‘Hal and Kathy, live so that when the call comes, you can walk away easily.’

“As he said those few words, I saw clearly in my mind, in full color, a steep hill and a road leading up to the top. A white fence ran on the left side of the road and disappeared into a row of trees at the top of the hill. A white house was barely visible through the trees.

“A year later, I recognized that hill as my father in-law-drove us up that road. It was in detail what I saw when President Kimball gave his counsel in the temple.

“When we got to the top of the hill, my father-in-law stopped by the white house. He told us that he and his wife were buying the property and that he wanted his daughter and me to live in the guesthouse. They would live in the main house. So, during the 10 years we lived in that lovely family setting, my wife and I would say almost every day, “We had better enjoy this, because we aren’t going to be here long.”

“A call came from the Church Commissioner of Education, Neal A. Maxwell. The warning given by President Kimball to be able “to walk away easily” became a reality. It was a call to leave, what seemed an idyllic personal situation, to serve in an assignment in a place that I knew nothing about. Our family was ready to leave that blessed time and place because a prophet, in a holy temple, a place of revelation, saw a future event for which we then were prepared.”

President Eyring also said, when he went to the temple for the first time, “I looked up at a high white ceiling that made the room so light it seemed almost as if it were open to the sky. And in that moment, the thought came into my mind in these clear words: ‘I have been in this lighted place before.’ But then immediately there came into my mind, not in my own voice, these words: ‘No, you have never been here before. You are remembering a moment before you were born. You were in a sacred place like this.’”