President Nelson invited all to join him for a special message released on Friday morning about the healing power of gratitude. As part of that message, in which he shared things both personal and profound, he issued the following challenge:

“I invite you—just for the next seven days—to turn social media into your own personal gratitude journal. Post every day about what you are grateful for, whom you are grateful for, and why you are grateful. At the end of seven days, see if you feel happier and more at peace. Use the hashtag #GiveThanks. Working together, we can flood social media with a wave of gratitude that reaches the four corners of the earth. Perhaps this will fulfill, in part, the promise God gave to Father Abraham, that through his descendants ‘all families of the earth [shall] be blessed’ (Genesis 12:3).”

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken the challenge and social media is truly being flooded with gratitude. It has certainly reinvented and refreshed all of the newsfeeds that had previously been full of division, disillusionment and despair. Though there are countless posts worth reading, here are 8 in particular that we found especially moving: