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Editor’s Note: The LDS Church recently launched a new website with resources relating to issues of religious freedom and what you can do to protect it. To browse the new website, click here. Some of the content is specific to the United States, but the principles can be adapted to other countries. 

There’s a perception that bringing religion into schools in any form is always prohibited, resulting in serious consequences to both teachers and students who mention it. But there’s actually more room for faith in public schools than you may realize. For instance:

1. Students can express their faith at school, unless it’s disruptive or coercive. They can comment about their own religious views in class or in assignments as long as it’s related to the discussion.

2. Students can pray alone or in groups of other students as long as the school doesn’t sponsor the event and others aren’t pressured to participate. 

3. If a school allows community groups to rent or use its facilities after hours, then it must give religious groups the same access.


To read the full article, click here. To browse the new religious freedom resources in general, click here.