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With the recent changes to the communication guidelines, Latter-day Saint missionaries and their families have more opportunities to talk and share than ever before. You’ll want your conversations to be uplifting and focused on the work. To help families find a new groove as they speak to their missionary more regularly, we’ve gathered thirty questions to get you started. Read through them and find one that you’d love to ask your missionary the next time you talk to them.

  1. How is the work going in your area?
  2. What did you learn in your personal and companionship study this week?
  3. What goals have you set?
  4. Who are you teaching?
  5. How has finding new people been going?
  6. Is anyone preparing for baptism?
  7. Do you have any recent converts you’re working with?
  8. What are the members of your ward like?
  9. What’s one fun thing you did with your companion?
  10. What’s something you discussed in companionship inventory?

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