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Conversations about this year’s RootsTech theme, “Remember” started three years ago.

As the biggest annual family history event gained a more global audience during the onset of the pandemic, organizers realized the need to select a more localized theme that could also resonate with a worldwide audience.

An international committee of 30 people put their heads together, and “Remember” was the theme that rose to the top.

“Remember” is more than just looking to the past, it’s an expanded vision of past, present and future — a “beautiful connection to what I would say is a core motivation for most people when it comes to engagement in family history,” said Jonathan Wing, RootsTech senior product manager.

“In the lead-up to RootsTech 2024, I’ve had multiple instances where the Spirit has confirmed to me that every individual in this world is worth remembering. They’re important to our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each of them has a story that’s worth remembering. I know that personally because of my experiences that I’ve had with my parents,” Wing said.

“I know that as we seek out those who have gone before, as we strive to understand their stories and their life experiences, and especially their testimonies, the things that they knew about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His gospel, their words and their stories can be like scripture to us.”

Wing and Jen Allen, FamilySearch director of events, discussed the theme for RootsTech 2024, as well as other plans for the event — scheduled for Feb. 29 through March 2 — in the Church News podcast.

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