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President Nelson posted on his Facebook page about the arrival of his newest great grandchild on Sunday. He also shared the following message:

My wife Dantzel and I were blessed with nine daughters and one son. They have blessed our family with fifty-seven grandchildren. These grandchildren are now having their own children. I feel pure joy every time I welcome a new member of our family into the world. Here is a photo of me with my newest great-grandchild.

Many of you parents have sent children away from home to school, on a mission, or to other opportunities. What do you hope for most of all? That they will return home safely.

In the same manner, our Heavenly Father’s deepest desire is that we, His children, will choose to come back home to Him. He will never violate our agency and force us to come home.

Our Father has made it possible for us to communicate with Him while we are separated from our heavenly home. We may pray to Him any time, any place. This beats anything your smartphone or Google can offer. Through sincere prayer, you may reach out to your Heavenly Father at any time, and through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, He will respond.

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