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“I am grateful for the opportunity to address the important topic of the freedom to serve our neighbor. That includes the role of religious charities and volunteers and why it matters that they be free to serve,” said President Camille N. Johnson of the Primary general presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

President Johnson joined other religious and academic leaders at the “Freedom to Serve Symposium” at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. The symposium was jointly sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, local congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ and others.

The symposium was part of Iowa Religious Freedom Day, as declared by Governor Kim Reynolds. This is the ninth year Iowa has celebrated an official Religious Freedom Day.

President Johnson — an attorney and soon-to-be Relief Society general president of the global faith — was in Iowa for outreach visits, including the opportunity to speak on the role of religion in our communities.

“There are staggering needs in our world,” she told the audience. “We also see and are moved by those struggling in our own families and neighborhoods. … It will take all of us serving, contributing whatever we have available in time, talents and money to address the suffering we see around us. We are all needed.” 

She continued, “All of us play a part in serving our neighbor. We are our communities. We are our churches, mosques and synagogues.”

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