What Members Will See in the Paris Temple on Sunday | Meridian Magazine
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November 26, 2022


The public is invited to see the insides of a temple for only a few weeks, then, the temple is closed, thoroughly cleaned and finally dedicated by priesthood authority to become The House of the Lord.  Come and get a brief glimpse of the inside of the Paris France Temple.  Interior photos are used by permission of Intellectual Reserve and Holdman Studios.

AllisonJune 12, 2017

All of the temples are beautiful, but the colors and flowers in the stained glass and furniture is more stunning to me than most any other! I especially love the picture of the Savior in stained glass in this one!

AngelaMay 22, 2017

Just by viewing the photographs I can feel the holiness of the Temple. I rejoice for the people of France to have this treasure in their midst.


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