T.C. Christensen Films the Tense Story of Getting Latter-day Saint Missionaries out of Nazi Germany « Meridian Magazine
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September 24, 2023


It is only a building in Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove Utah, but when we walked in, suddenly we were in Nazi Germany. Noted film maker T.C. Christensen and crew had transformed the building interior into a train station, with Nazi flags flying ominously before us. T.C. is making a film called 1939, that is the story of Norm Siebold who had the momentous task of gathering the missionaries out of Nazi Germany just as the borders closed when Germany attacked Poland. Please look at all 27 photos and read every caption.

JocelynJuly 2, 2023

Robert Manookin, who was one of my music theory professors at BYU in 1978, was a part of that gathering. One day during class he told us the story of his gathering missionaries from train stations on his mission. He said he whistled, Come, Come Ye Saints.

LORNAJune 24, 2023

He should read The Hitler Dilemma while Max Adam is still alive. A German citizen he was forced into Hitler Yourh and then into Hitler s army. There is a huge miracle that isn’t in the book. He needs to hear it from Max. He lives in Reunion Village beside the Jordan River Temple. He is so proud to fly his American flag every day. Max is 95…. Better hurry and at least do an interview. There is even a follow up movie with trapped in East Germany, which is his wife story during the Russians occupation of Dresden. She has passed though. Terrific books.


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