September 15, 2019


Meridian Magazine is in Rome to cover the temple dedication this week. Follow all of the articles giving you the behind-the-scenes coverage and breaking news at

It is chillier than we expect on this March morning in Rome where we are waiting, camera in hand, for the first light of day to shine on the newly-built temple. It shines in this semi-darkness and the circular window in the Visitors’ Center across the piazza from the temple is also bright. Come with us on this early morning shoot and see what we saw. It won’t be as chilly for you.

Alisi FiliagaMarch 11, 2019

Just beautiful, thank you thank you for sharing!

Denise ChristensenMarch 9, 2019

Thank you so much Scot and Maurine for the beautiful pictures and your commentary. It is so fun to be following you through your articles and pictures since we can't be there in person. Enjoy your time there...and what a blessing to be there with the Prophet, his counselors AND the Twelve Apostles!! Lucky you! And tell our friend, Paul, hello!


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