The Church History Museum in Photos: A Family Outing that Can Change Lives « Meridian Magazine

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June 17, 2024


I love touch and texture from the history of the Church.  The new Church History Museum display of the early days of the Church gives just that.  You’ll find yourself getting to know the Smith Family better than you have known them before.  You’ll see a depiction of the First Vision as you’ve never seen it before–you will feel like you are in the Sacred Grove with young Joseph.  You will walk through the early days of the Church and see a sweeping panorama that will not only move you, it will move your children and your grandchildren.  Come and see.

Ginger ReeseMarch 17, 2016

I really enjoyed the museum. You can feel the spirit while you're there. i can hardly wait to go to Salt Lake City again. I didn't plan on going but when I came out of the Family History building it was right in front of me so I went in. Everyone should go inside. An experience I'd do more than once. A lot of Church history to see. You need more than one time to take it all in.


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