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Adapted from the Church News article “Church Music Submission Welcomes Online Submissions.”

Each year, the Church encourages LDS musicians to share their musical talent with Latter-day Saints around the world.

Recent changes to the Church Music Submission process now make it quick and easy for members to submit original sacred music to the Church. You can create a profile and even share the story behind your composition.

Submission categories

The Church Music Submission offers a number of submission categories appropriate for home and Church use:

  • Hymns
  • Children’s Songs
  • Arrangements for Mixed Chorus
  • Arrangements for Men’s Chorus or Women’s Chorus
  • Anthems
  • Solos, Duets, and Small Groups
  • Instrumental
  • Hymn Texts
  • Youth Music (Church-themed and written in a contemporary style)
  • International Music (non-English lyrics or music written in an international style)


Awards are based on artistic merit, usefulness for home or Church, general appeal, ease of performance, originality, quality of text (if applicable), and compatibility of music to text (if applicable). See Church Music Submission Guidelines.

Submissions until March 31, 2018 will be considered for the 2018 Church Music Submission awards, including awards of distinction ($200), awards of merit ($100), and special recognition awards. Winners will receive their rewards in July, and all award-winning music will be published online at for non-commercial use.

Church Music Festival

Award-winning music will be performed at a biannual Church Music Festival by talented musicians in Utah.